A book trailer is here!!

So we are still a few months from launching Taramul Viselor, and I thought I’d play around to see if I could create a meaningful book trailer. I’m really excited with how it turned out!

Each shot is meaningful to the story: the opening scene references the Securitate and the informers. Not only were they everywhere—they even blackmailed children into reporting their parents—but one of the kids’ parents is a member of the Securitate, another an informant. The four children reference Alina, Auner, Ekko and Alizabet who all end up in the orphans’ home. Ekko is afraid of fire, and then becomes fascinated with it, as he suffered a traumatic experience of being trapped. The fireflies live in The Golden Sparkler Den, an alcove in Taramul Viselor where the children sleep, and the deer represent the magical creatures found within the land, especially Freckled Fae, the deer they love.

This is a story that is different for me: it required a lot of research, and it meant I had to create a make believe world that would become real. Fantasy is not my strong point, so it took time for me to feel I had it right.

What I’ve learned about life of the orphans, especially those orphans who were disfigured or different and therefore assigned to the worst of the worst homes, is truly shattering. But the four in my book give witness to evil being defeated, for they have something magical: imagination that sparks courage, friendship that inspires forgiveness and, most of all, hope that defeats evils.

Here are a host of excerpts, more than I usually post Alizabet & Tomas: Sneak Peek, Alizabet, Alina’s Monster : An Excerpt and there are more in the site! Would love to know your thoughts.