Taramul Viselor is here!

Behind the Iron Curtain in Communist Romania live four very special children I can’t wait for you to meet! Put into one of the 26 “homes for the unsalvageables” that were spread across Romania, they are subject to abuse, neglect and starvation. They have nothing… except each other, and an inexplicable hope in tomorrow. When an unlikely ally leads them to believe a map of the mythical land is hidden somewhere in the orphanage, they set out on an adventure to find the map, escape the orphan’s home and discover Taramul Viselor. Along the way, they will encounter devastating loss, a heartbreaking betrayal, epic quests, fantastical creatures and learn that not even Communism can crush strength born of creativity, friendship and hope.

While you can purchase from Amazon or by request at your local bookstore by end of today, you can also purchase directly from here now! You can also read several excerpts from the novel via the Sneak Peeks page. I’ve also added a special interview with a special friend and a book discussion guide with thought provoking questions! When you’re ready to buy, you may purchase directly from this site to save a few dollars — and will receive a few “extras!”

This story is close to my heart — and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!