Alissia and Alight on the flight to Europe!

We are back home after a major adventure: 23 days of traveling across 8 European countries! I wrote about the planning and intent of each leg before we left but it was so much more than we anticipated or could have ever guessed. There are so many stories — more than I could collect in a cohesive way — but there are over 2300 pictures and scores of memories to last us a lifetime.

The seed for this trip was planted years ago as my sister and I have wanted to go to Europe together for over twenty years. Being able to take our daughters, and to go with our mother, was something we never would have dreamed possible. According to two Apple Watches, we walked nearly 120 miles in 23 days (the Fitbit called Alight an overachiever and told her, basically, to sit down), ate really good food (especially in Greece), saw sunsets that make you cry and talked even today about how much it made us appreciate the United States as home.

I really believe in dreams and I really care about helping them come true for my daughters. Travel is one they have. From start to finish, we covered a total of 18,000 miles in 23 days. What I hope this helps remind them is that dreams come true. I hope the memory of this trip inspires them to dream bigger dreams and to chase them until they are realized. Because believing in dreams means believing in tomorrow.

To help preserve the memories that are forefront in my mind right now, and the stories, and to inspire others to chase–and plan!–their own dreams, I’ve organized a set of pages on each of the countries we visited here. This page has links to the pages on each country — and I’ll continue to add pages on the Bahamas. What I want to make sure to remember is this: Scripture tells us that God reveals a bit of Himself through His creation and, as such, we can learn more about Him, and deepen our relationship with Him, by seeing as much of His world as we can.

The Vatican City , April 2023