Orphaned by a tragic act of violence, young Aria is shuffled amongst relatives before finding herself struggling to survive in a horrifyingly abusive home, comforted only by music and the memory of her mother singing.  When one terrifying act robs her of the ability to sing, Aria embarks on a quest for a new life. Along the way, she will encounter a joyful homeless man, a cowboy who works for free and others who will teach her what faith,  family and song are really all about.  A coming-of-age story that examines the relationship between the parables of Jesus and real-life,  Sing Me Home is ultimately a testimony to the power of friendship, the  resiliency of the human spirit and the healing attributes of optimism.   It is a paperback with 578 pages;  you can purchase it for $24.99 by request in bookstores nationwide,  online at Amazon or, for a significantly discounted price of $15.99 and free shipping, here.