One must have water to flourish, to survive.  Storytimers are the water behind the stories you’ll find highlighted and written on this blog: they are the people who have purchased the books, read the books, come to the signings, contemplated the blogs.  They not only love to read, the love stories that challenge them and make them think.  They are the readers of the stories that matter—the blogs, and the books—and I want every Storytimer to know that what you feel and what you have to say matters too.

Under this page, you will find dialogue sent to me regarding the books and blogs.  I don’t like leaving any Storytimer’s thoughts behind, so it may take some time for this section to grow to its full potential.  Some of my Storytimers have asked to have their names removed from their comments before being posted; in these instances, the words “A Storytimer” have been put after the quote.

All Storytimers matter to me—even the ones who may not agree with my methods. Any offending language has been edited, as I want only clean and constructive language to be used here;  however,  the remaining quotes are as I received them.  My stories are for a specific audience;  if, at this point in time, they do not meet with a Storytimer’s taste, then I prefer to use their thoughts as a springboard for improvement.

If you are a Storytimer—-someone who enjoys my writings—-and you wish to give me your thoughts,  please feel free to contact me, or to leave a comment.

Thank you for being Storytimers!!