I have taken a few personality tests over the course of my life and every, single one of them have said the same thing.  They’ve all said that the root of who I am revolves around making, and maintaining, personal connections and relationships with others.  Every time I am invited to participate in a book signing or speak in front of a group, it is more than just an “event.”  It is an opportunity for me to connect on an emotional level with fellow writers,  readers, human beings.  It is an opportunity for me to teach and for me to learn from others.  It is a blessing.   And it has enriched my life.

As a result,  I am creating this page.  Mainly, for me to remember the places I visit, but also to encourage anyone who may be near a location to come see me or take a few moments and listen to an interview.  Not because I have written a book or two, but because I genuinely want to know who you are and what drives you to spend time reading the sorts of books or blogs I write.  I encourage you to interact with  me not because what I do is so important but because breaking down the walls we all carry is that important.  And brave.  And also wonderful. 

So, I invite you to check this page whenever the thought strikes and see if and when I may be part of  an Internet interview, radio talk show,  convention,  festival or signing and then, if I am within distance,  I invite you to join in the conversation so that we may all promote emotional healing,  peace, joy, love and, above all, hope.  

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Engagement Opportunities

Please feel free to contact me if you need directions, exact addresses or further information regarding any opportunity.

Franklin Book FestivalSaturday, June 4, 2022: Panel Discussion & Reading at 12pm with Book Signing before and after  : Franklin Public Library, Franklin, Tennessee


Louisville Book Festival – (Friday) 10/22/21 and (Saturday) 10/23/21 from 10am-6pm both days

To participate, you must register: Early next week, you’ll receive multiple links where you can join in on the festivities!  

I will be reading on Friday @ 11:30-11:45am CST,  as well as attending the rest of the day, and Saturday, in breakout rooms, with giveaways and promotions!  Come say hellooooooo!