All but 2 of these poems were written when I was in the 10th grade.   1 was written when I was a Senior in high school and the other was written a couple years later.  If you happen to read a poem in which you think you find resemblances to yourself, and you knew me during any of my teenage/college years, chances are, you made it into some writings!  



Somedays I look at the sky

And think, “I could never fly.”

Life isn’t always easy or fun

Sometimes making me want to run.

But then I see your face

And know not so heavy is my case

I see your certain smile

And know I can walk any mile

Gentle, handsome and smart

And so warm is your heart

The best are your hugs, too

On my heart, they tug

For many people do I care

And for me, there are there

Still yours is a sweet gift

Never failing to my spirits lift

Special are you to me

And excited am I to your face see

For when with you I look at the sky

And believe I can fly.


When I need a friend

At the day’s end

To whom can I turn

When no more  can I run

There is one on whom I can depend

She knows how to, my heart, mend

Always is she kind

And understands even my mind

How lucky am I

For her love towards me doth fly

Oh how can I repay

All the treasures she doth lay

Sweet as honey

I wouldn’t trade her love for money

Always does she share her riches

And for others uses all her wishes

I stand in awe

Her spirit’s as perfect as Fall

At each new day’s end

Proud am I to call her my friend.


Our lives we share

And about each other, we care

Over silly things we laugh

And everything we halve

The first bike ride

Learning how to hide

Playing with dolls

And catching balls

We shared many things

Boys and class rings

Eating ice cream cones

Even when cold as stone

We’ve had joys

And our share of worries

But full of love is your cup

To be just like you, I wanna grow up.


Together only briefly, you and I

But still I wonder why

Why you had to go

Why I still feel so low

Broken in pieces is my heart

It’s hard right now to play the strong part

My best friend

Til came the painful end

A few weeks ago, memory takes me back

Still, I can’t see what we lacked

I miss our hand in hand walks

Our heart to heart talks

I miss the times we’d play

And times when together we’d lay

I miss your wonderful sound

And the feeling I thought we’d found

I wonder if you have even a clue

Of how deeply I miss just you.

You can’t see me cry because of pride

So behind this false smile I’ll hide

They say time will heal

But still, only pain do I feel.

A day is coming when I’ll smile

And joyfully walk each mile

But for now, heartache holds me back

For a piece of my heart,  now I lack.


(I was in the tenth grade, no child yet.  This was more of an ode to my mother)

Once upon a time

A baby was born, healthy and fine

For she’d been in heaven

She knew Mother’s arms were a haven

The baby celebrated her first birthday

And played long with spirits gay

For she knew at night

She’d be hugged before darkened light

Many were her mother’s gifts

And all helped her soul life

Never once did she doubt

Mother’s love would not run out

She was always told

She was of a special mold

She knew of her God must be fond

For he gave her a special bond

Now that baby girl is me

And without Mama, I know not where I would be

Her belief in me lifts me high as the doves

And its her beauty and soul I love

I look back on her life’s painful vices

Know for me, she made such sacrifices

What I wouldn’t give

For her, an easy and happy life to live

Her comfort and support

Were what gave me a safe port

I hope she knows

For her, I’ll fight life’s foes

My mother for granted I’ve kept

And for my own gains always leapt

But still she’s the one

Whose made my life meaningful and fun

Each day and every night

I thank God for bringing her bright light

From my young stories to each new day’s end

My mother remains my best friend.


Without you, I would just exist

Joy would be covered by pain’s mist

Without you, there’d still be light

But it would no longer be bright

Without you, with friends I might talk

But alone through life I’d walk

Without you, the poet’s word

Would feel like a fatal sword

Without you, my dreams I may follow

But my hopes would be hollow

Without you, my nights would be long

Like a sorrowful song

Without your warm embrace

My life would have no grace

Without your tender kiss

I’d always have something to miss

Without you, I’d never be free

Because you own a part of me

Without you, I’d be lost

I could never count the cost

My prayers were answered from above

When into my life came your love

You make me belief in a life

Free from shame and strife.


When I see you now

I think dreams come true somehow

When I look upon your face

Of pain, I see no trace

I see our entwined hands

I remember years of laughter

And the glorious mornings after

I can feel your kiss

And know no fear, only bliss

When I see you now

Everything seems right somehow

All you have to do is smile

And I know I can walk any mile

Gently do you tease

Greatly do you please

When I look upon you

I wonder if you have a clue

That it is you I need

For its my heart and soul you feed

When I look at you

I no longer feel blue

For your my true love

Strong yet gentle as a dove

Always know I’ll be here

Should you want me near

You’ve touched my heart

And turned my life into beautiful art.


Hearts that always race

When you see  his special face

Feeling, at last, warmth and peace

Cause he makes worries cease

The warm teasing of his gentle smile

Telling you he’ll walk the extra mile

Dancing in the rain

Or consoling your pain

Powerful, lightning-like kisses

His call from work to say its you he misses

His carefully tucked away card

That says thank you for working hard

Quiet moments by the fire

And back rubs for when you tire

Those silly fights that end in a smile

Cause you remember he loves you all the while

You miss some of these things

When love’s song no longer sings

When you learn you’ve lost love’s race

And have fallen from its grace.