All  of these were inspired after 9/11. 


A strong man at work

Or a young one at school

Working, without knowing danger did lurk

He just enjoyed a day so cool

But when tragedy came

And his friends died

He didn’t want to play a game

He didn’t want to hide

Without a second thought

To the army, he went

And for his country, he fought

His resolve and courage never bent

We gave him a gun

And shipped him overseas

And he still is stunned

By what his eyes see

Courageously, he fights death now

And though he’s still scared

He vows not to give up somehow

With an American flag, he’s been paired

When he shoots his first enemy, he cries

Even though they tried to take his freedom away

His humanity still hates to see another die

And he wishes there were a better way

He feels terribly alone

And can’t help but wonder

While he’s chilled to the bone

If he’s missed over at home yonder

What he doesn’t know

Is that he’s the one I love and admire

For so heroically fighting the foe

And for standing tall, though tired

He is what’s made my land

And, to me, freedom he  gives

So, for him, I hold a stranger’s hand

And give thanks that he defends our lives

He stands up for justice and what is right

He stands up for what he believes

Though to do that, he must fight

And his family, he must leave

How brave

For with strength and courage does he stand

And he risks eternal grave

All because he loves his homeland

Soon, he will come home

And I’ll greet him with tears

Grateful he doesn’t have to roam

Or endure alone his silent fears

His country loves her son

For all that he has given

For with him, freedom won

And far away were the terrorists driven

He would have given his life

For freedom, for this land and for me

He already gave his innocence to war’s strife

Just so that, in peace, I could be

There is none as deserving

Of our mightiest praise

As he who is always serving

And, with pride, the flag, he will raise

From his face, a silent tear creeps

As  gently, the red, white and blue, he kisses

Love and pride pile on his heart in heaps

It is the sweet American soil he misses

But as a soldier he stands tall

For, to a war, he went away

And he saw hell, but did not fall

And now, back to America’s embrace, he’s on his way.


Her blue clear skies

Her freedom that soars so high

Her courage and her beliefs

The way she brings relief

Her sense of justice and of peace

Knowing her compassion will not cease

Her equality and acceptance of all

Knowing that, despite tragedy, she stands tall

Her faith in God and her humanity

Her lack of vanity

Her songs, her traditions and her games

Her desire to help all who call her name

For her strength to with her children cry

And her ability to her own tears dry

Knowing that when forced to fight

She will not compromise what is right

Her efforts to keep the world from harm

Her humor, her holidays and her dream

Her mothers, fathers, volunteers and heroes

Who belittle their own sorrows

For these reasons and more

Into her keeping my heart I store

That I am her daughter, I thank God above

For America, you the one I love.


At seven I got up

And with coffee filled my cup

I said goodbye to dad

And left for school, feeling glad

Got to school at eight

Never thought about fate

During first period, the teacher I ignored

And passed notes since I was bored

It was a normal day

I wish normal it could stay

But then the principal told us all

That terrorism made twin towers fall

They attached the World Trade Center

And my Fall turned to Winter

To see those planes deliberately crash

Made my heart dash

But then there was more

A third plane into the Pentagon tore

And another went down

In a Pennsylvania town

I started to violently shake

And wanted to from this nightmare awake

It could not be real

Yet intense pain did I feel

An attack on the USA

One that lasted all day

An attack on our rights

Which means we have to fight

I feel so alone and afraid

And I doubt it will fade

I want peace

I want terrorism to cease

At seven I got up

And filled my coffee cup

Now I go to bed

Crying;  thousands are dead.